Why knowing what your staff think matters.

Does it really matter if you know what your staff think about their jobs, your business, their managers, the competition or your customers?

Yes, on balance, it does, because when you know, you can act to ensure your staff are:

1. engaged,
2. working to the same organisation goals,
3. working more effectively as individuals and as members of their teams,
4. motivated,
5. working more efficiently,
6. serving customers more effectively, and
7. achieving your (and their) work-related goals more reliably.

And while cash motivates, there are other motivations as or more potent that can keep your best staff and motivate others to strive to be better.

But will your staff talk honestly with a senior manager? Perhaps they may be discrete rather than usefully open and honest.

The more effective way to find out what your staff think, as it effects your business, is to get an independent outsider to ask them. And we provide just that service.

We survey staff, and report their views, their feelings, their motivations, their needs and behaviour across the board. We report to you in totals only, and do not identify any individuals nor their answers.

If by understanding your staff’s views, needs and motivations, you can strengthen your business, please call or email Philip Derham to discuss the next steps to that strengthened future.

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