Will customers return to normal behaviour? And what to say to them.

The COVID-19 crisis is tragic for the families of those who have died, for those who have had it, and it generates different views about what will happen after.

Will customers’ behaviour return more or less to normal, as they return to work? 

Yes:  Dr Cristina de Balanzo suggests that the behaviour changes are the result of enforced change, while people’s attitudes have not changed much, so expect a return to past behaviour.

No:  Sam Zell says the pandemic will have same long-lasting changes in human behaviour and so economic and social effects as the 1930s Depression.  Which will imperil many business models.

Shall we wait and see?  Or, as appropriate, find out what our customers want, intend, are motivated by, and what they are doing, as the months go by.

To get ahead of your competitors, now and the next months are the right times to find out what your customers are doing.  We can tell you these customer behaviour insights quickly and cost-effectively, using our online interviews, our online discussions and our online surveys.

So, if knowing your customers’ actions, intents and motivations will help you plan and implement stronger responses now and over the next twelve months, please email or call Philip Derham to discuss how we can find and report those customer-strengthening insights for you.

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