Words and thoughts

Thoughts and words can provide fascinating insights into motivations, action and outcomes.

But what is said in words can be different to what is thought, and so can lead to less than desired business outcomes.

As examples:

  • When your boss asks you to do something, your words may sensibly express agreement, while your thoughts, and perhaps your subsequent practice, may rebel.
  • When asked about product features on a pre-set list, the words given may be chosen, but the thoughts that motivate purchase may be different – “Yes, milk chocolate is delightful, flavour-filled, sweet and value-for-money”.  The thought may be “Don’t eat milk chocolate because of the calories”.  Hence words and thoughts can generate quite different sales outcomes.

The insights that follow the words and thoughts alignment enable more effective management, more effective product or service integration to meet needs and so provide better business outcomes.

We use a range of in-person, online and other market and business research tools and techniques to ensure the words that our participants express match closely to their thoughts – and subsequent behaviour.

If you think there is a gap between the words you hear and the actions that your staff or your customers do (perhaps because of what they think), and there is an increased business benefit if you can market to the more aligned words and thoughts, please ring or email Philip Derham to find out how we can help you now.