Your customers use their smart phones for almost everything!

Today, 23.8 million Australians use 21 million smart phones to download one gigabyte of data a month on average, showing your smart phone is a key entertainment/purchase/survey instrument.
I say survey instrument deliberately. Deliberately, because smart phone surveys can be undertaken instantly, can be undertaken anywhere, can be used to upload images of products or materials or the things that motivate purchase.

And the change in just two years has made smart phones and smart phone surveys mainstream. Once for the young and for the early adopters, smart phones are widely owned and widely used for surveys, as the graph shows.

Age shifts in mobile phone use

With this survey instrument in the hands of your customers or prospective customers, we can survey them quickly, survey them shortly, get more answers and give you more knowledge, so you can outpace the others.

And they can still do the surveys on their desktops at home or work, or on their laptops or tablets when they are using those.

When you need to know what your customers and prospective customers think, do and will do, in statistically reliable terms, our smart phone+ surveys may be your answer. Our surveys are device-agnostic (that is, they look good and work easily on small-screen smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers), and work where and whenever we need to be to get the surveys answered.

When you need to know how our smart phone survey knowledge can strengthen your business, please call or email Philip DERHAM today!