What we do

We provide insights using advanced marketing research techniques. These techniques include:

This material is very useful in scoping your market size or prospect profiles, and using already existing information to identify opportunities and under-served needs;

Watching what is actually done in specific situations (which is less creepy than it sounds);

Where people talk about their activities, intentions and practices in unstructured or semi-structured ways. These may be in one-to-one interviews, in focus groups or via online panels.

The one-to-one interviews or focus groups can be in-person or online. Both in-person and online formats work well, depending on the types of people involved, the logistics of getting the people together, and the topic to be explored.

Online panels run over a longer time and enable us to follow new areas of interest to you, if these emerge during the project.

When statistically reliable knowledge is required, we undertake surveys for you.

For speed and economy and prospect reach, most of the surveys we undertake are online. We survey people from your customer base or can purchase access to a panel of customers or potential customers, as needed. 

Online survey participants can do the surveys on their mobile phones, PCs, laptops or tablets as they choose.

We invite potential participants to the survey by direct email invitations or SMS text messages.

We can supply QR codes or type-in survey links, for in-venue use, or use social media advertising for extra prospect reach.

As people answering surveys want quick, short surveys, which they can answer when and where they want to, and clients want quick, reliable answers to specific, immediate needs, cost-effectively, we developed a topic-specific range of 20 Questions One Topic Monitors, expressly designed for mobile and online quick response. The Monitors can be used with everyone on your customer lists, specific segments of those lists, with your staff, or with online panel members, as appropriate.

As appropriate, we also do telephone or in-person surveys, paper hand-out and hand-back surveys, or mail surveys.

To discuss the most appropriate and cost-effective survey method to help you know what you need to know, you can call or email Philip Derham or fill in the form on our Let’s get started page.