Working with you

As you start planning for the insights you need, there are a number of steps that will help us to use the most effective and the most cost-effective methods for you.

The size and coverage of our studies depend on your needs and budgets, as our projects range from large and widespread to small and local, from on-going to one-off projects. 

The elements of a brief that will ensure you get the insights you need are detailed below, and at Let’s get started form is a form you can fill in that will help us to more effectively and speedily respond to your needs.

Please explain the background and context of your planned research project. Tell us the objectives and the purpose of your study, including any specific issues or hypotheses you need answered.

The scope of your research project will include a description of your target market, the geographic coverage you need, and any specific groups of people or particular segments or demographic categories of people who are to be included.

Then, tell us how you want us to tell you what we have found – e.g. in an in-person presentation in your offices, in an online presentation, a written report, just data, or a video summarising the findings. And whether you want a short summary for distribution to the participants or to your own staff.

We would normally recommend the appropriate research method, depending on your objectives. But if you have preferences for particular research approaches (e.g. quantitative surveys or qualitative focus groups or interviews, or secondary sources reviews, or observations). or sample size or collection methods, tell us in the form below.

It helps if you can tell us about the target audiences or segments you want researched. And details including demographic, geographic, activity or psychographic characteristics are most helpful to enable us to respond effectively.

Knowing how soon you need the results and an indication of your budget range helps us to develop an appropriate research program to fit your time and budget needs.

If you already have earlier, relevant research, or other information that can help to make the current project as effective as possible, please tell us and then, when appropriate, share it with us. Knowing we can build on earlier research findings or your own customer data can both speed the research and ensure it adds fresh insights for you.

Tell us how you want the end-findings given to you.

We keep you up-to-date during the research and then can report in an in-person presentation, in an online presentation, a written summary, visuals or data preferences, or video presentations, as you need. And, if there are KPIs that must be both researched and reported, please let us know of those, too.

Our standard research approach is that we guarantee all survey participants anonymity of response, as this can strengthen their openness and honesty in response. For us, it is a key confidentiality requirement.

If there are other data protection requirements or legal considerations that need to be followed during the research process, please let us know. Noting that while we can invite people on your database to participate in surveys, we can also use techniques that allow you to send the survey links, without compromising the anonymity of participants.

The What to tell us form asks for your contact details, so we can follow up with you directly. If there are others who are key contacts, or who should be kept aware of your project’s progress, please add their names in the form, in the Anything else we should know box. This will ensure effective communication for everyone involved in the project.

Please tell us anything else that you think is relevant, or any specific instructions you have, so that we have an effective understanding of your needs, preferences or unique circumstances.

By telling us the answers to these points, you will help us to supply you with the most market research proposal to ensure we undertake your project efficiently, cost-efficiently and get you the insights you need to further strengthen your business activity.