Moving Beyond Being Good

In episode 183 of Gary Ryan’s Moving Beyond Being Good Podcast, he interviews Philip Derham from Derham Insights Research.
We chat about the benefits of market research for business decision-making and discuss the role of market research in making effective decisions, the impact of gut instinct versus data, and counterintuitive findings from market research. We also explore the difference between market research and marketing, internal market research, and insights on returning to the office for work. Philip shares advice for starting a business and the importance of seeking mentorship.
Key Takeaways Include:

  • Market research provides factual evidence for making stronger and more effective business decisions.
  • The impact of gut instinct versus data in decision-making is discussed, highlighting the importance of seeking real data.
  • Counterintuitive findings from market research can lead to valuable insights that challenge assumptions and drive business success.
  • The difference between market research and marketing is clarified, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer needs and behaviors.
  • Internal market research and its role in understanding staff engagement and customer satisfaction is explored.
  • Insights on returning to the office for work and the importance of social interaction and visibility in the workplace are discussed.
  • Advice for starting a business includes careful research, mental resilience, and seeking mentorship for long-term success.
  • The significance of coaching and the value of seeking qualified coaches for personal and professional development are highlighted.
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