Our modified survey templates can get you answers quickly and cost-effectively.

The steps to getting usable answers from customers, or from your staff, start with you:

1. identifying the problem,

2. identifying what you need to know to resolve the problem,

3. deciding how you are going to get the answers you need to know, and if a survey is the best way to find those answers,

4. writing the survey that will get those answers,

5. getting people to do the survey,

6. analysing the results and summarising the findings, then

7. fixing the problem.

You can do all this yourself, or you can look for quick and cost-effective assistance.

We have been writing surveys for our clients to use with their customers and with their staff for over thirty years and have used that experience to develop our own survey templates, our 20 Questions One Topic Monitors.

These template Monitors ask about financial matters (e.g. loans, investments, cards, insurances, post-purchase payments); about communications (e.g. social media, advertising, perceptions, branding), about competitive positioning, satisfaction and recommendations; about staff views on their workplaces and home work; and more.

These template surveys meet participants’ needs for shorter surveys; surveys they can do on their phones or computers; and surveys that they can do when and where they want.

These template surveys have given our clients quick and reliable answers to specific, immediate needs, cost-effectively.

As the 20 Questions One Topic templates are already written, we can personalise them to meet your needs and report the insights from them quickly.

Essentially, we speed your answer needs by completing steps 3, 4, 5 and 6, enabling you to maximise your attention on steps 1 and 2 and particularly step 7.

And so our template Monitor surveys can effectively strengthen your business.

To start your steps to strengthened business, by using the appropriate 20 Questions One Topic Monitor template, please email Philip Derham on at derhamp@derhamresearch.com.au or call